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  • Scotland Yard 26646
  • Scotland Yard 26646
  • Scotland Yard 26646
  • Scotland Yard 26646
  • Scotland Yard 26646

Scotland Yard


A co-operative detective game, with the aim to catch Mr X

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The cult game Scotland Yard is now available with a new look as a Sherlock Holmes and his team hunt the mysterious criminal Moriarty. The chase takes place across the city and the detectives have to work together to catch him. What would Sherlock Holmes be without his companions Dr. Watson, Inspector Lestrade, his brother Mycroft and Irene Adler? Nothing considering there’s a devious villain roaming the streets of London. Players slip into popular roles from the Arthur Conan Doyle novels and experience an exciting chase on the streets of London. The pursued Moriarty is rarely spotted so in order to stop Moriarty, the detectives must use teamwork and their special abilities. Caution: Moriarty likes to trick everyone, suddenly and secretly he uses a hot air balloon to covers his tracks. Moriarty wins if he manages to remain undetected until the end of the game. The detectives win if they are on the same station as Moriarty. The games is for 2-6players, Age 10yrs+


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