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Eco - making kits review...

Lets talk about Eco-toy products, in recent years this has become a hot topic in the toy world, making products more environmentally friendly and using more conscientious materials to make toys. With consumers increasingly looking for more proof that the products they purchase are more sustainable many toy brands are taking to using social media to announce this to their followers. 

Historically, cost has been a deterrent to adopting sustainable practices, but even that is changing. New technologies are making sustainable materials more affordable and accessible. One example is bioplastics made from renewable resources. According to Dublin-based Research and Markets, the use of bioplastics is set to soar—even though the material is more expensive—because it’s cost-efficient to use, requiring 65% less energy to manufacture than conventional plastic. And the market research firm predicts that continued R&D will result in further cost reductions over time. Meanwhile, ongoing conversations with marketers and consumers indicate they’re willing to spend a bit more on products that reflect their values.

So lets talk about the products and explore the ethics and ideas behind them.

Green creativity has created a papermaking bead kit, which initially comes with a variety of paper to use but you can pretty much use any scrap paper that is lying around to create beautiful bespoke beads. Which in turn can be made into jewelry. Offering multifunctionality in one product. The other great thing about this is that it engages your littles ones creative thinking and awareness, as well as STEM activities. Talking about STEM activities there are many different science kits out there for kids and we stock a huge range of them but ones that stand out for their natural sustainability are Green Science Potato clock, this kit not only encourages scientific learning about how things work, if offers a sustainable approach to that learning, with potato’s as the main ingredient. Another great produce by Green Science is the Grow a maze, powered by your design this simple kit teaches kids how to grow plants and also its their design that the plant will grow through. 

Bamboo has become a great by product for making toys, currently Flexistix have created a kit that teaches your child about landmarks around the world but it also encourages motor skills to construct the Eiffel tower. The Flexistix are made from bamboo with silicone joiners to hold the construction in place. It also offers versatility in that you can make a design up yourself.  Nebulas stars have created a kit making wind chimes out of bamboo. Again its multifunctional allowing you to be creative with the painting and construction and uses sustainable products. 

The latest new product trending is the Selfie Craft kit, a British design concept created by two parents whom wanted to combine their love of arts and crafts with their kids. There are several kits on offer from hats, capes, t-shirts, the idea is that you use templates provided and create your own designs. The items of clothing come in sustainable cardboard packaging, the fabric used are sourced in the UK and made from sustainable cotton, the concept plays on the idea of mini eco warriors, making your child aware of the environment they are in. Also giving them creative freedom to make a item of clothing they will be proud to wear.

As the toy industry focuses more on innovative sustainable products and more open-mindedness to their consumers, creating space for a more valued toy with a deeper ethos behind it.

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The Just Williams Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2022

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and of course, presents! If you’re looking for the perfect present for the special child in your life, look no further than the top 10 toys for Christmas!  

LED Doodle Tablet


Age 3+

HGL LED doodle tablet

This 8.5″ pressure-sensitive LCD device is perfect for drawing, learning, and playing games! It’s super light, so it’s ideal for trips in the car or carrying around in a bag or pram, plus you can delete your work without any mess or crayons.

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Baby Einstein Strum Along Songs Magic Touch Guitar


Age 1+

stem along songs guitar

Baby’s first jam session is full of musical discovery with the Strum Along Songs™ Magic Touch™ Guitar from Baby Einstein. This wooden toy puts music at baby’s fingertips… with no buttons or strings required! Realistic guitar sounds respond to your baby’s strumming movements to put their creativity on the main stage, creating their own cord combinations or playing along to pre-recorded tunes. Use the whammy bar to enter Silly Mode for sound effects galore.

Korko Building Blocks


Age 18 months+

Korko are building blocks made of cork, connects children with nature in a playful, intuitive way. Cork is a natural, sustainable product. Cork has a soft texture, the blocks are all rounded , reducing the risk of children injuring themselves during play. Furthermore, the insulating properties of cork ensure that even the tallest tower poses no danger and barely makes a sound as it falls.

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Draw It See It Say It


Age 8+

Draw It, See It, Say It

Draw, memorize, or bluff your way to victory in Draw It, See It, Say It from Ridley’s Games!
In this awesome party game trio that will have everyone guessing, there’s three ways to play: drawing, seeing, or saying.
Roll the dice and take a category card that matches the colour shown on the dice. Pink means it’s time to test your artistic skills, and the player then needs to draw one of the two prompts (easy or hard) with all other players guessing what it is.
Perfect for families and groups of friends, it’s suitable for ages 8+, 2-8 players, and has an average of 30 minute gameplay

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Human Body Puzzle


Age 4+

human body puzzle 60 piece

Dare we say it, educational yet fun.  This 50piece Human Body Puzzle is a fun way to teach anatomy.

First, the body can be put together and then bones, muscles and organs can be placed in the right places

Extra parts: brain, lungs, heart, intestines, bladder, kidney, biceps muscle, calf muscle, humerus bones, thigh bones

Plus, it comes with a double-sided poster (in 11 languages) with fun facts about the human body and packs away in a carry case.

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Colour in Cooshie


Age 6-13

Selfie Cooshie Colour In Top

For sofa days, lazy days, camp days or days when you want to be drowned in a huge self hug, Cooshie will keep you warm, cosy and comfortable.

The Cooshie’s generous one-size fits all design lined with the best quality fluffy, sherpa fleece and a soft and smooth exterior which children can customise with colour if they wish, using the 7 permanent fabric pens supplied.

Available in 2 designs – Chill Mode and Unicorn BFF’s, each has a large hood, front pocket and cuffed sleeves. The Cooshie comes packaged in a high quality dust bag which can also be customised

Sky Dancer


Age 3+


Children simply pull the string to set the Dancers into flight and then marvel as they flutter back down in style.

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Wooden Jewellery Kit


Age 6+

wooden glam jewellery set

The Wood Jewellery Set includes everything you need to make lots of wooden necklaces and bracelets with wildly bright charms, tassels, and wooden beads in this fun & easy craft activity. No glue required! Each kit is presented within a custom printed reusable storage tin.

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XSHOTSkins Dead


Age 6+

XSHOTSkins Dread from Zuru

X-Shot Skins brings the in-game experience of skinning your blaster into the real world! Choose your Skin and join the battle! With a 12-dart capacity, the Dreads’ double trouble rotating barrels mean you are locked and loaded for fun and can blast the competition from up to 27m / 90 feet away.

Pomea Dolls


Age 18 months+

Purple Dhalia Pomea Doll by Djeco

Beautifully made dolls, lightweight dolls with soft bodies and sleeping eyes all machine washable.

Use of FSC® certified cardboard and wood for the accessories as well as padding for the dolls made of recycled fibres

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