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Sustainable Toys

Sustainability is a hot topic with all generations.  After all, the best way to make change happen is to follow it through our everyday lives, including the toys we buy.  Ever little bit helps to make a difference.

We appreciate our customers are thinking about what toys are made of and how they can be recycled which is why we are continuing to source sustainable products.  This ranges from wooden toys which are FSC certified (sustainable forest management, which reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and protects wildlife habitat) to products made of recycled plastic and bio plastics. 

Increasingly, more and more of our wooden toys, we stock, are made from sustainably sourced rubberwood, As Rubberwood is a by-product of latex production therefore recycling this wood means reduce waste.

All of our suppliers are making strides to be more sustainable and eco-friendlier.  This ranges from brands taking out any plastic in the packaging, using recycled packaging and recycled material inside of dolls and plush to switching to soya inks as well as looking at ways they can reducing their carbon footprint.

For example, Ravensburger puzzles use recycled carboard for their boxes and puzzles which is sourced entirely in Europe and is FSC certified.  They have also stopped shrink wrapping their boxes and don’t use any plastic to seal the boxes closed.  They are looking to improve their recyclability of all their products across their ranges.

Lego are aiming to make all core Lego products from sustainable materials by 2030 and ensure all their packaging is made from renewable or recycled materials. Lego are also in the process of switching from single use plastic bags to paper-based bags holding the Lego bricks within their boxes. Their base plates are now in a paper-based packaging which can be recycled.  They have also launched Lego Replay in the US and Canada providing ways for customers to recycled and re-distribute their Lego, which will be rolled out globally.

A lot of soft toy companies are using 100% certified post-consumer PET plastic, the type most commonly used in bottles and other food containers to make their soft toys.

Microscooters have bought out a range of products made from recycled fishing nets.

Melissa & Doug has been named one of the winners of the 2022 FSC® Leadership award by the Forest Stewardship Council® for exhibiting “uncommon excellence” in the use of FSC®-certified products and commitment to responsible forestry

There are great products like Hooked Crochet kits where the yarn is 100% recycled yarn and the packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

Recycled plastic and Bioplastic toys are increasing in popularity not only due to their environmental credential but due to their durability.  Our favourite is Green Toys which are made from 100% recycled materials, the majority from recycled milk cartons and all their products are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard and print with minimal colours using soy inks.

Every pound of recycled milk jugs used to create a Green Toys product saves enough energy to power 3,000 AAA batteries, a TV for 3 weeks, or a laptop computer for 1 month.

Each Green Toys box that gets recycled saves one gallon of water.

Green Toys prints our boxes with soy ink. Made from soybeans, soy ink is a natural, renewable resource, that biodegrades 4x faster than petroleum-based inks.

There are several natural products which toys are beginning to be made from ranging from cork, bamboo to rice.

Korko is a range of products made from cork, a 100% natural material and one of the most sustainable materials on the planet as it is one of the biggest natural absorbers of CO2 in the world.

Cork boasts many other natural positive characteristics. For example, its soft texture, combined with our rounded corners, reduces the risk of children injuring themselves during play. Furthermore, the insulating properties of cork ensure that even the tallest tower poses no danger and barely makes a sound as it falls.

We love the cork building blocks as they are non-toxic, anti-bacterial, water-resistant and therefore suitable for even the youngest children to play with. Their anti-static properties prevent dust and other harmful materials from collecting on the surface, making cork products suitable for those with allergies too.

Bamboo is a lightweight durable material.  Surprisingly Bamboo outperforms wood in terms of strength and unlike plastic it does not shatter making it an ideal material for resilient and for creating long-lasting products.  Our favourite bamboo product is the Hide and Seek Periscope.

Hape have developed an environmentally friendly material containing Japanese rice – which is well known for its high standard of quality. As a material, it feels wonderfully soft and has a subtle, pleasant scent.  Furthermore, it is completely environmentally and child friendly.  We love the Trio Geometric Rice Toy.


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