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Trivial Pursuit – Harry Potter


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Harry Potter, Trivial Pursuit






Accio trivia! Return to Hogwarts? in the ultimate edition of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Featuring 1800 questions over 300 cards, test your knowledge of characters, spells, locations, events, magical artefacts and much more. As you compete to master every category, move to the centre space and answer the final question in order to be crowned champion. Think you can tell powdered root of asphodel from an infusion of wormwood? Confident you know what form Lupin?s boggart took, or who Hermione impersonated at the Ministry of Magic? Challenge your friends and family as you race to collect one Trivial Pursuit wedge from every category before they do. Just don?t mix up your gillyweed with your polyjuice potion! The questions included in this special edition span all eight films, and include behind-the-scenes questions about the cast and crew, so if you think you can remember which castle served as Hogwarts, and how many prop wands were made, then ready your patronus because this edition is for you!


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