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  • 33052 Deluxe Railway Set
  • 33052 Deluxe Railway Set

Delux Railway Set


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The BRIO deluxe railway set has everything you need from passenger trains, freight trains, harbour and metro scenes, stations, cranes, bridges, road and rail tracks, figures and more.? This is one of the most complete BRIO Rail & Road set there is, with a total of 87 play pieces! Apart from its retro look and great design, it also exercises children?s concentration and fine motor skills.

Image the an early morning downtown and a ferry arrives at the harbour, the trucks line up to unload the cargo, it is business as usual. The Metro train takes on its commuters just as the travel train pulls into the station – this set has it all.

The track layout measures 113.5 x 73cm and includes 36x Tracks, 3x Roads, 2x Ramps, 2x Level Crossings, 5x Figures, 1x Piece of Luggage, 1x Signal, 1x Sign, 1x Map, 1x Map Base, 1x Ticket Machine, 7x Rock Supports, 2x Supports, 3x Stations, 1x Metro Tunnel, 4x Loads, 1x Freighter, 3x Suspension Bridges, 1x Crane, 2x Road Vehicles, 2x Container Wagons, 1x Freight Train, 3x Metro Train Carriages, 3x Travel Train Carriages.


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