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As a store we have many products on offer at various prices. Our staff have put together a few ideas on what they feel is best value for money toy from each branch.

As the cost of living crisis is impacting many of us we know the importance of a toy that offers multiple functionality. With Christmas just around the corner many parents will be looking at the latest trends and their own child’s desires to offer great presents. Here at Just William’s Toy’s our staff are not just passionate about the toys we stock but also review them regularly to give in depth knowledge regarding each toys offering. 

Lets start with our East Dulwich branch and find out what top’s their list of great value for money toys. 

Coming in at number one on the list is Dobble, for its price it offers not just one game but five, with multifunctionality in its diversity to players. This game is not just for your little ones, adults can have hours of fun or so can the whole family. It’s compact so easy for travelling, its comes in a box which aims at reducing unwanted space within the product, all the paper and cardboard used is FSC certified: the box, the cardboard insert, the game cards and the rule book.

FSC is a label guaranteeing that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests.

The makers of Dobble are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their products. Working hand in hand with their suppliers and partners to improve the production methods and physical resources. Thus,  prioritizing the use of recyclable materials, the reduction of packaging and the minimization of transportation between the point of production and the point of sale. 

The game itself is a speed and observation game for the whole family. The aim of the game?
Each two cards have one symbol in common. Be the first to find and name it to win the card. Hence why this comes in at number one with our East Dulwich team.

Second on the list is Plus Plus, which is also a multifunctional product, the design itself is based on one shape brick which like a molecule can be added together to build a variety of objects. Plus-Plus is a collection of colorful 6-sided plastic pieces that interlock with one another to provide the user with endless possibilities. It can be used to create puzzles, 2D and 3D mosaics and art, or used as a block to construct anything imaginable. The design is simple, solid, and pleasing to use and comes in a vast array of beautiful colors. 

Plus-Plus combines elements of science, tech, mathematics, and engineering (STEM). It stimulates fine motor skills, logic, creativity, and imagination all without the use of screens. It’s hours of fun and play for all ages.

Some of Plus-Plus products come with inspirational building guides but we encourage open play as we believe this is the best way to connect with your inner creative genius. Our team rate this product as a must have on your child’s toy list.

Number Three on the list see’s Schleich brand values reflect the natural curiosity of kids, the products reflect the belief that the best stories are full of imagination, free of silly grown-up limitations, and powered by kids’ unbridled curiosity. Schleich products are just as magical, just as childlike, just as inquisitive as a kids imagination.

Starting with a single unicorn or dinosaur, Schleich also offer the six play worlds sets, to encourage further play. With each toy catering for a variety of budgets this is a firm favorite within our team.

Next we have the Beckenham Branches top three value for money toys. Coming in at number one is no suprise Plus Plus, proving this really is a great product and worth the purchase.

Number two offers a different perspective through the Hex bug range. These little robotic bugs are a superb design and consist of the best latest technology. The remote control toy offers hours of fun, although the product itself needs batteries which aren’t supplied to operate. This particular toy is a beginners guide to electronic movement of various bugs and an introduction to nano technology.

Number Three and the final value for money offering from our stores is the Maisto Metal Power racer pull back cars, these car are robustly built. They may be Small cars, but they give lots of action!

The detailed and authentic die-cast metal models of old and new classic cars, muscle cars, sports cars, SUVs and pick-ups, plus many more besides, boast free-wheeling action and are equipped with a pull-back motor: Simply pull back and watch the cool cars race off! The vehicles, measuring approx. 7.5 cm in length, are suitable as a toy for children aged 3 years and over. So if your little one loves cars this is great value for money with hours of play.


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