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Small Independent Toy Retailer of the Year 2017

Toys for Children

0 to 2 years

Whether you are looking for a gift for a newborn or a first birthday present we have a wide selection of toys to help stimulate as babies develop into toddlers.  We have toys to entertain in a pram in the bath or if you are looking for push along toy as your child takes their first steps, we have them all. Our best sellers are maracas, soft and cuddly Jellycat, first puzzles and Play-Doh.

3 to 5 years

Our wide range of pre-school toys is sure to entertain and educate.  Our range is hand picked to be interesting and durable.  As children’s imaginations run wild popular ranges include action figures, fancy dress and role playing toys such as tool kits, medical kits and play food.  Arts and crafts are very important as children becoming more independent want to achieve things on their own.  Our best sellers are WOW toys, activity books, Brio and dolls – of all types!

6 to 8 years

As your child grows and develops, so do their toy preferences. We have carefully selected a range of toys to challenge and entertain. Including Lego, chemistry sets, stationery and art supplies, collectible figurines and board games, as well as a wide range of arts and crafts. Our best sellers are Aquarellum, Nerf Guns, Spy Kits and all forms of sewing kits and not forgetting Dobble our best selling game!

9 to 12 years

As children grow up they demand more from their toys wanting them to be cool and trendy and they are often difficult to buy for. We stock a range of gadgets, more advanced science kits, games, outdoor toys, magic sets, books and arts and crafts kits which make wonderful gifts whilst steering clear of electronics!

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